Live for Something or Survive for No Purpose

Live for Something or Survive for No Purpose

Integrity, honour and respect, each word is bestowed upon Navy Seals, Special Forces and Firefighter alike as a code, a badge of honour, to be worn with dignity and pride, respecting those that earned the right before them. Words that imply righteousness and virtue, ones that should not to be taken lightly nor used as a throwaway pitch or gimmicky line for personal favor or gain.

Consider such forthright words as a guide, a personal gauge of decent behaviour, a measure not reserved for the precious or select few and more importantly not just a code for uniform – it suggests a ethos we all should enter into, a bond of noble trust, belief and conviction we radiate from our core and project on others and of our inner soul.

Is it true, `we are judged by our actions, not our word` or could it be `our words are powerful choose them well`. Yes `action is greater than the word` but mind your words as they can do as much damage as the sword, to those who are close to us and in our circle of trust – for our personal code, both action & the spoken word are fitting, we are to be beholden to both philosophies in spirit and conduct throughout friendships, companionships and business.

Actions create a `you were here` footprint in the sands of time, where you stood, where you fought gallantly with honour for something at sometime; your mark in the sand speaks highly of what you will or wont bear in conscious – the right path is not always the easy path.

Choose what is right, what is noble, be sure to look into your soul, there you find your `code`. Be wary for what have you pre-programmed it to tell you, is it the easy path and most advantages track for you or does it resound from the rooftops `do what is right`…. What is actually right, not what you have predetermined to be right for you?

Doing what is right is about character and soul – more so than anything else the measure of this is, how we consider and treat other people.

Your world and those in it can only comprehend you and what you stand for by your deliberate actions, not by your interpretation or self-promoted image. Actions are the cutting edge and reality of who you are, who we are.
In friendship and in business dealings do you, `do onto others as you will have them to do onto you? `

Thoughts, well I have many thoughts, words although I can choose any I must always select well, but my actions do much, much more and say so much more of me.
I must always try to do what’s honorable by friend and in dealing, what my soul is prepared to bear will define my actions; therefore define me.

Dean S Hawkins

We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.- Michelle Obama

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