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What do you want from life? How do you want to look? Where do you want to travel? How do you want to use your time?

What separates those who took meaningful steps to achieve their commitments and their resolutions to themselves from those who fail? What is the secret to ensuring you love your job, the secret to changing your space, your destiny and your lifestyle, to getting healthier?


The question is, why do people fail to achieve their goals, considering the majority of these goals involve their health, happiness and welfare?
Why do we continuingly fail to achieve our goals? After all, we claim to understand the importance of goal setting in order to attain a better life, weight loss and career changes …


Here it is: despite what they say and what they do, approximately 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves or set their purpose. This is like knowing where you’re starting a journey but you don’t know the destination, how can you program the GPS if you don’t know where you’re going?

This is especially prevalent among people who are not involved in some sort of business or entrepreneurial endeavor that promotes goal setting.

Research tells us that by setting step-by-step goals – or even simply telling their friends and family, for example – people were far more likely to achieve their desires than those who made no specific commitments. So if you really want to see results this New Year, on your next fitness or weight program, you’re your studies or job change commitment, this time it’s critical that you set your goals with sincerity and set yourself up for success.

Before you do anything, before you go headlong into your destiny, the new you, be clear on what you want to do and why you want to do it.


Interestingly: of the 20 percent of the population that does set goals, roughly 70 percent fail to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Now there is no disputing in today’s world that no matter who you are and no matter what you do, there will be times when you feel down, lost, and have no sense of direction in life. Despite your best efforts, the world and the other people in it may deliberately or unintentionally adversely affect your commitments.


I recently spoke at an event on purpose; one of my opening statements was ‘vagueness leads to failure’. I then went on to discuss how as an organization the Fire Department has a long and proud history; worldwide we are a skilled and highly regarded group who are proud of our traditions, our community service ethos, and our response and professional capabilities.

This talk gave me an opportunity to show people how fire and rescue recognize and acknowledge that we must continue to develop ourselves, cultivate our Fire Department to remain relevant and keep pace with what the risks, the community, our partners and our government want and need from us.

We do this with clear strategic direction and purpose:

To save life, property and the environment from fires,
emergencies and disasters.

Our vision is just as simple:

To be recognized as an effective, sound and professional Fire Department that effectively and efficiently minimizes the impact of hazards, emergency incidents and disasters on the community.

By utilizing hundreds of years of methodology, we continually transform ourselves personally, convert our job for the better, and develop our business, our communities and our lives. Our proven structures work. We take action to get things started, moving and done.

It’s unpretentious and without fanfare – as a fire service we operate and function to a purpose, a goal. By having these aims and visions very clear everything else falls into step.

I ask you to consider this question: how would your life look if you took this approach to tackling your problems?

`Courage gets you started; Discipline keeps your frequency`

Rather than just talking, the key to starting is doing, be it study or exercising habitually, losing weight, giving up an addiction or changing careers.

`Get to your doing, its doing time`

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