Tick Tock

I was a poor kid that was raised in difficult circumstances, with indifference as my shadow; my mother passed when I was 12, it was then that I truly knew what my lows would be, I had little support and even less love.
My father wanted nothing to do with me from birth, at twelve years old I stood by my mother’s grave – I was sadly glad, she had suffered dearly of cancer for years.
My stepfather was somewhat apathetic and disinterested to my existence, let alone to my future.

I only ever wished for what other kids had, I wished for what they had taken for granted, not less, not more just my share. I didn’t hate them I just envied them.

I felt little, and yearned a lot – and had little expectations of the world or of those in it…

It was from this desolate upbringing and this stout existence that I learnt resilience, fortitude and consistency will be my closest friends, and hard work my savior.
Despite my circumstance and humble beginnings I grew to accept nothing less in my self… I knew I deserved better.
It was time to divorce my history and my past and start a new contract of how I live my life, I am not a victim, and today is my day.

I always admired self-made men like Bruce Lee, people who changed their circumstance and broke ground.

The messenger of mediocrity visited me, and asks `what are you going to do`?

I got tired of being what I was and being a product of my situation. I knew I deserved better, I just had to act like it.

My clock started to tick.

Through Martial Arts, fitness training and a rewarding Fire Department career I also leant of structure, planning and preparation. This where I learnt that throughout my travels I could be my own accelerator and conversely my own brake –`those that say they can and those that say they cant, are both right`
After 26 years I left a wonderful career as a firefighter to pursue my new life; I needed to free myself through a conscious effort towards what I really wanted.

Tick Tock

So I then wrote a book, and to me it’s truly a thing of splendor, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Prose, styled and polished to perfection, I lovingly crafted my masterpiece in stolen moments around an impossible schedule of running a company, physical training and family living – I worked the company for 10 hours a day, trained for 1, slept for 5: and the rest, well that was dedicated to passionately researching and writing.

Tick Tock

I had successfully proved my books contents and ways through application – I experimented on me.
14 weeks sleeping only for 5 hours a day – waking with purpose, setting goals and being tenacious, bloody-minded and operating with unswerving consistency, I’m telling you I was persistent and in the zone.

I invested in an ace publisher and we meticulously pinched nipped and squeezed the interior formatting to ensure the delicate sensibilities of you the reader will not be unexpectedly jolted by a reprobate font, or your nature ruffled by my abrasive provocative and honest nature where I dare to call you out on another excuse.
I commissioned the most mesmerizing of covers, where my face that was better suited to a radio announcer or cage fighter confronts you without warning, bolder and larger than life all over the back cover.

Tick Tock

So what is the fuss about? What are the charming amazon and Booktopia comments all about?
We’ve seen and heard this process talked about countless times. If you’re looking for more clarity, courage, and control in your life, the book shelves are straining with self help books why is mine any different?
I give you perspective and a proven and simple plan you can follow… it uses the Fire Department as a test bed…. In this step-by-step guide, I share simple but proven principles to help you stop drifting, design a Life Plan with your dreams in mind, and chart a path that will take you there.

Small well planned steps where you make your dreams a reality.
Think big, dream big, start small… small steps.

Remember I wrote a book using it.

If you’re like most people, you want to lead a life of meaning, enjoyment, and satisfaction… but I ask you, do you wish to work hard for a world that you earned, rather than one that was given to you, or where you settle for mediocrity?

Now your clock is ticking – Tick Tock

Now things happen, things get real, life gets in the way… Pressing deadlines, family obligations, and it’s easy to lose sight of our dreams, our wants.

We know we were meant for more, but it seems like the days are slipping by and we can’t do anything about it.

Tick Tock

There will never a right time, a perfect time to change, to do something great. If your waiting for that perfect time, it just isn’t going to happen.
You have to create the perfect time the perfect opportunity, the prefect situation.

If you are not committing to your dreams you’re helping someone else meet theirs…. The way to improve yourself is to better yourself: read more, be with people that buy into your dreams, use discipline and learn more, work harder and longer.

Tick Tock

Expect more of yourself, expect more from life, work smarter – its time, it ends here it ends now, you deserve better, now act like it.
The catch is that you must apply discipline and get into the grind.
To create above average results one must apply them and practice disciplined behaviours. Extraordinary is in the details and the commitment to them.

There are two types of people in the world, those who wait for opportunity to come them so that they `can take them` these people wait endlessly for it to appear.
The second type of people always finds a way, they make their own luck, and they create opportunities, they seek, and they are relentless.

Challenge yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard, hold yourself to a higher purpose, hold yourself to a better reason of being: this is your challenge.

Decide to make a plan on why you’re here: stay up late on your purpose, wake up early, connect with the right people – connect with people like you never have before, work hard think always on your purpose and get into the grind… that is living, that is knowing your `why`.

My name is Dean Hawkins and I believe in pursuing your own opportunities.

You have one life, so what are you going to do with this time?
What are you going do today?

Your clock is ticking… tick tock

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