If There’s One thing I’ve Learnt…while being yelled at, it would have to be the `7 lessons of Business`


If There’s One thing I’ve Learnt…while being yelled at, it would have to be the `7 lessons of Business`

I deliberated long and hard on how to start this blog, it is very dear to my heart – I read articles for advice and snippets searching for tips on creating the best opening and catchy statement; one was even titled `Be ready to set your audience on fire` , for a retired firefighter maybe not so appropriate…

Therefore it has come down to this, no gimmicky starts, no feigned and snappy openers, just simply; Picture My Story, followed by The 7 lessons of Business I learnt while being yelled at on my Fire Departments Recruit Course.

Picture My Story

I am the founder of two businesses – a successful business that provides a worldwide consultancy service, and Dean Hawkins Innovations. I’m also an accomplished author and responsible for the opinions and facts in `fight fire with fire` a book on performing with purpose & achieving goals.

Previously a 27 year veteran fire officer in emergency management and response; going from a poor kid with no parents to a highly decorated, highly ranked resourceful firefighter, then to author and speaker; from going into burning buildings to being another insecure author.

Although these experiences and lessons buoyed me through my tough unyielding recruit course and my 27 year career in a very dangerous industry, these learnings transcend beyond uniform, they have also kept me in good stead professionally and personally. See further than the `Fire` analogies and consider these your life lessons and business wisdom.                                                                                    They are the `scrolls` the `takeaways` that guide me on my journey.

The 7 Lessons of my Recruit Course and for the Rest of my Days

Lesson 1 – `Focus on getting the little things right… these are what I call – My-Mini-Moments. `

Lesson 2 – ‘If you want to be as good as you can be; at times you will need help to run your hose and to put out your fires`

Lesson 3 – `You’re either winning and going forward, or your learning. `

Lesson 4 – `In our line of work, nothing else matters, nothing matters as much as your will to succeed; succeed at any crash, any fire, anywhere, anytime`.

Lesson 5 – `Always fear Regret more that Failure… I will never regret not trying, not trying my best. `

Lesson 6 – `When times are tough, when it gets hot in there, when you’re afraid, exhausted and dog-tired; remember WHY we do what we do…. The end always justifies the means. `

Lesson 7 – `What if you’re a 1 percenter, What if you’re the One? `

 Some Fires need Fanning…Others need Putting Out

A person and their business’s ability to learn from lessons imparted and to consistently develop is invaluable. Your life and business takeaways can drive you, guide you and continuously reinvent you.

Also listen to others and their stories, their life lessons, don’t just deliver yours – they too have a delightful message, be sure to effectively listen or comment. When you are next having a face-to-face chat or online, in either circumstance don’t just post, like or ignore, metaphorically or literally, create a connection, the world and the people in it `are interesting as is their story.`

Life’s lessons, your business, your world, aren’t just about facts and figures, or just YOU; don’t cleverly google a subject to write your next blog, facebook post or for conversation, actually connect. I am yet to meet in the flesh some of the most wonderful and extraordinary people that I have known only through our online connection and friendship; it was through an authentic association and genuine interest in each other that we have remained in touch. They have shown interest in my world and me, and me theirs.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

My Final Memo to You is Simply This

I have learnt that these seven insignificant, unassuming and daily acts amount to `A lot of small choices making a big difference, personally and professionally`.

I encourage you to deliberate and reason your experiences in a way that makes sense, it helps you become the author of your new life, the lead, the champion of your soon to be told story.

Also know this, if you make zero modifications in your world, then nothing is going to change; learn to find your business voice, your distinctive style, then get out there and express yourself in your own unique way.

You too have your life lessons. (Ps. I hope you didn’t get yelled at, like I did, when learning them)

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  • Kay Alchin

    Dean mate your seven recruiting life lessons not only brought me to tears,they are such true lessons that can be incorporated in ones everyday life.I am so very proud of you and Thankyou for all your wisdom passed on to us .I may be going through a hard time at the moment and know I only have to refer to your brilliant book Fight Fire with Fire.for true inspirations.

  • Kay Alchin

    Dean mate you’re seven recruiting life lessons not only brought me to tears,they are such true life lessons that Canberra incorporated in ones everyday life.I am so proud of you and Thankyou for all your wisdom passed on to us.I may be going through a tough time at the moment and know I only have to refer too your brilliant book Fight Fire with Fire for true inspirations. ?

    • Justis

      I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imseopibls.

  • admin@dean

    Hi Kay… wonderful to hear from you. I’m so glad words can have meaning and resonate when required – I guess at times reading some else’s thoughts can help us group our own approach and thoughts.

    Find Why, then the How is easy to bear – Why is our reason to get out of bed each day, the How is the actions… we can bear the actions if we know Why were doing this…

    With your tough times – little steps, each day… focus on the immediate space in front of you, not the whole work load. Perhaps in time you will realize these times not as tough but more character building.

    Show others Why & How to get it done. Love ya

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