`To Be or Not To Be` – Is that really the question we need to ask ourselves?

`To Be or Not To Be` – Is that really the question we need to ask ourselves?

“To be, or not to be…that is the question” is an opening phrase of a monologue within the “Nunnery Scene” of William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. In the speech, the despondent Prince Hamlet contemplates death and suicide while waiting for Ophelia, the love of his life.

Hamlet, sorry buddy that is insecurity at its worst, it’s saddest.

For me insecurity is in the simpler things, rather than love; my books, my blogs, my social media posts, the list goes on.

What will the publishers say, what will the readers say, what will my Facebook `friends` say – what won’t they all say? Are no comments, no sharing, barely a like, all good or bad?

As far as social media goes, well I’m new to it all; Facebook was invented, in 2004, its now a stately 12 years old grown up, to me its only 9 months old, an infant… Like I said I’m new to the game. Even so, I have learnt in 2016 that Social Media is a necessary and required evil; Facebook and I have without doubt, a cruel and confusing relationship.

At times it feels like Facebook lacks any trace of humanity, with the best users of it being scripted, and sales like, with motive as their main driver.

Facebook, you are a heart breaker, a soul sucker, a time-burner yet also at times a boost for my self-worth, you are an emotional rollercoaster.

Do we post for the hundreds of `friends` who ignore it? Or do we post for the one `friend` who may enjoy, if not get something from it?

To Like or Not To Like…that is the Question

Being the new kid on the social media block, I often ponder what are the rules, the guidelines, and the etiquette?

`To like or not to like`, when to comment or not to comment, when to scroll and ignore and when to share… so many options, so little reasoning.

Not something you’re taught at school, no apprenticeships on the subject, and no research lest outside of the behavioral psychologists anyway.

The psychologists describe us as a narcissistic generation, self-admiring and vain. That technology and social media are giving us an inflated sense of self; in this I question, will the `true operators` the people who are genuine, rather than feigning authenticity, be drowned out by the shear weight of look-at-me noise?

At the very least why do our `friends` press a `like` button and leave no comment on something that is personally created, after all you didn’t just share a random or another’s thoughts?

Still again why do `friends` and I use the term `friends` loosely, scroll and ignore, when they are apparently friends?

If you have Facebook `friends` that fit this bill, do you become like them, should you pay them back? How do you stay gracious, respectful and not fight-fire-with-fire; it’s a Facebook enigma that vexes the very best of researchers?

Could it be our posts don’t resonate, but then again maybe we shouldn’t be so insecure either; firstly consider that Social Media has its oddities and irks.

Absorbed Behaviour

Behaviorism is a theory of learning based on the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment. Behaviorists believe that our responses to environmental stimuli shape our actions.

Perhaps my late start to the SM game explains why I see a paradox that most I ask seem oblivious to.

The Rules of SM

Social Media – resist and you`ll drown, but dive in and perhaps you`ll swim out the other side; just perhaps.

In hindsight, its plausible that we have already been taught the rules; we have been already been educated on the essential etiquette of the `like, comment, ignore` dilemma. This quandary, or more so impasse, has been clearly clarified over the ages; it has been imparted from generation to generation?

Its called manners…

My grandfather was never too busy to be polite, or to praise when required, or ever too busy not to help others feel important, significant and vital far above their own status – he was never too hard-working to help someone else feel good about themselves and feel good about going about their day… he took the time, as he was a gentleman, he had manners, he had style and grace – he had the quartet of quintessential etiquette.

Most importantly he always took the time to ensure his `friends` knew how important they were, and that their opinion, feelings and person mattered.

Be it in a note to me, or to others my Pop never abbreviated words to save time…BTW to abbreviate apparently is `to project being more informed & sharp` and or `we abbreviate words or phrases to save time, effort or space. `

He would take the time, no matter how much time it took – since if it was important enough to his friend, then it was by default, important enough to him.

Build Who You Are, Your Personal Reputation

It’s not all about business – connect with people, truly connect with out motive.

It’s all about behaving properly and with integrity; yes you might be the CEO of a successful thriving business, highly ranked, yes you may have your minions running around after your every whim – hanging on your every word or post; but maybe you can try that little bit harder, maybe you’re not making the effort anymore, taking the time.

With every `like, ignore, share or comment`, you do or don’t do, on one of your `friends` posts, you`re either building your personal social media reputation or you’re demolishing it, its up to you.

With each and every `friend` you have; your respective repute and online standing takes time to build, and yet in mere seconds can be destroyed; contrary to that, in one fleeting generous, polite and well-mannered moment you can allow a `friend` to feel good for a moment, an hour, even for the day; but as importantly you can also do your grandfather proud…

Although I’m busy running two companies, as both the CEO, and the Janitor of each, along with time dedicated to family and my health… “Loved the post, it resonated with me, thank you for the share” took me all of 16 seconds to write.

I’m never 16 seconds too busy for those who are never to busy for me.

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