If you want to be Heard, then Hear others…the Key to Effective Business is Effectively Listening and Engagement.

If you want to be Heard, then Hear others… the Key to Effective Business is Effectively Listening and Engagement.

Know this – Social Media communication is a two way process, this involves both how we send and receive messages plus our engagement. Also be on notice, `Your online communication or lack of is being watched, monitored and noticed far more than you may think.`

I routinely observe my connections continuously `broadcasting`; pitching and promoting – relentlessly disseminating self-promotion in `propaganda mode`… their opinions, their workshops, their online content, books, blogs and podcasts. Justifiably they are competing for attention, for the dollar and vying for acknowledgement.

But then again aren’t all human beings asking for acknowledgement and authentication of some sort?

Aren’t we all looking, searching and yearning validation in some way? I know for a fact us authors certainly are, lest the ones that care to be honest.

My best Facebook advice came from my publisher, he said, “make sure you comment and engage others if that is what you expect in return”, thank you MH Publishing…

Are you a Broadcaster or Receiver, or both?

Not sure? Then I would suggest you take a look at your social media engagement with your `friends` – check for your genuine commitment.

Look at your friend’s timelines for your return-talk, comment or remark; scrutinize posts for where your `friends` have published something that obviously resonates with them; do you, or have you scrolled & ignored, liked and or commented?

Don’t misunderstand me here, due to time and effort required I do appreciate we cant always comment on all posts, but ask yourself do you bother at all?

If you cant be bothered then why, `oh for the love of the almighty` why do you have the audacity to just `broadcast` at them?

Is it because your posts are far more important than theirs, is it because yours are decisively more colourful and interesting?

Please don’t tell me you don’t have the time to comment; after all you have reserved enough to ensure you transmit.

I do appreciate business is business, but in my world: I have friends, I also have business acquaintances, that I serve or they serve me – ideally I would like the acquaintances to be both my friends and business associates and treat them as such.

Online and within social media `broadcasters` are continuously asking for their pitch, product or opinion to be heard, acted on or even shared; perhaps they need to double check to see if they reciprocate (at all).

If you’re dealing in courses, people, podcasts, workshops, books, blogs or folks and businesses development in any way, then consider this;, if your pitching to the masses, perhaps you need to consider what you can do for them first and foremost that doesn’t involve money in your pocket.

The Pay-Off

For buy-in and for your business, understand and practice the two-way method of communication, learn to authentically engage online `free of charge`, `free of motive` and `free of intent. `

Real engagement and interaction requires you to firstly understand yourself; you’re own behaviours, your weaknesses or even deficiencies.

Consequently, if we don’t engage and try to participate or reciprocate, how can it be that we think to understand others or how they require our services?

The 7 Lessons of Effective Social Media Engagement…

Lesson 1. Don’t just broadcast, engage upfront, if not back
Lesson 2. Give up the shrewd lies about your life and abilities to help others intermingled with self-serving truths…
Lesson 3. Wear your trade; in look, life style & detailed behaviour, find your blind spots. I can assure you we all have them.
Lesson 4. Work on your self-awareness (i.e. don’t just broadcast, we are noticing)
Lesson 5. Be more subtle and refined with your business sell or upsells, make it about the client not you i.e. sign-ups, sign-ons, products and workshops
Lesson 6. If you want votes, reviews, feedback, to be elected or such – is this what you do for others? If not, then please don’t ask.
Lesson 7. Again if you’re pitching how good you are; understand it should be to your clients benefits and results not yours.
As for those that are being `broadcasted` at…

Be aware, have a consciousness and on-guard observation that some types exude and radiate charisma, don’t fall for it – instead ask yourself `is it self-promoted authenticity or rather it was hard earned reputation`?

Check your timeline, do they personally engage and delight in your posts?

The Pace-Maker

I have a wonderfully unique thinker friend in Tyson Franklin; Tyson has embarked and invested into a one-year commitment to his health. It is a one hour exercise walk a day, in itself no `biggy` but Tysons twist is simply this; post walk, he podcasts his thoughts and highlighted tips on other peoples podcasts, one that he has just listened to while out for his walk…

He `nutshells` their podcasts, opinions, then shares and promotes these podcasts to his network.

In my eyes, Tyson is banking credits, he is investing and ensuring sustainability in his own future; he is achieving this by devoting to, acknowledging and appreciating other people’s work. Brilliantly without motive or favour.

With daily interest I have watched his posts, intriguingly the `effective podcasters` he speaks on and of, mostly make a point to personally connect with Tyson via his Facebook post of their work, they thank him and acknowledge the time and effort he has gone to.

Conversely the `broadcast-podcasters` as expected don’t. Even though they and their goods are being upheld, endorsed and promoted by Tyson, they don’t openly thank him, don’t acknowledge his efforts or even comment on his social media posts, about their product.

Listen, Speak, Listen

Your online communication needs to be far more than just exchanging information from you about you, to others.

It’s must be also about understanding the emotion and intentions behind you’re your information or other peoples news; also appreciating and supporting in their endeavours.

A Call-to-Action?

This is NOT a `call to action` for us all to rush off and comment and/or share all incoming…

It is a `call to notice` for us to double check our communication behaviours… Do you `Tyson` or do you `broadcast`?

It’s simple: say what you mean, mean what you say; do for others, as you would want others to do for you. You want a share, then share, you like comments, then start commenting.

Your thoughts? (ps.. scroll and ignore)

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