`I-Talk` – Turning Off the Dark Side of Social Media

`I-Talk` – Turning Off the Dark Side of Social Media

Where do you stand on the Me, Mine, My and I – Social Media speak?

According recent articles shared on popular entrepreneurial sites the biggest mistakes business owners make using social media are:

  1. Too much self-promotion and posturing
  2. Hawking and Pitching their products to much.
  3. Lack of authenticity and trust.
  4. No consistency.
  5. Poor brand positioning.
  6. Mixing personal life with business.
  7. Not replying or engaging the audience authentically.
  8. Too much brazen self-promotion and flagrant boasting.
  9. Having unrealistic expectations of social media.
  10. Not building relationships without motive.

This begs the question: “is social media real; does it create, maintain substantiate authenticity or is it superficial and feigning sincerity?”

Facebook – The Truth

Facebook itself now admits – it allowed Russian backed advertising to be posted, this in effect unsettled the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Closer to home, more recently, former Facebook executives and employees admitted they designed a platform meant to manipulate users into psychological dependence on Facebook.

The beloved social media platform built on sharing funny memes and actual `social media` has become a shady megalopolis run by psychologists, sociologists and IT nerds determined to manipulate what we see, know and how we think. The economic foundations of Facebook are dependent on dwell time driven (at least in part) by provocative and controversial content.

Will Facebook make the required profound internal changes to save its reputation or will it be legislated into conformance?

The Me Generation

Due to their perceived narcissism. The “Me” generation is a term referring to us, the current inhabitants of the earth; our generation and the self-involved qualities of it.

Are we as users contributing to social media in an effectively and wholesome manner, or do we have motive?

This article has got me to thinking about how I post, do I, or have I posted without including the arrogance and conceit that comes with the words; I, ME, MY, MINE?

Researchers believe there is a direct relationship between “I-talk” and narcissism.

It seems that their research has identified the written samples of egotists are; talking about some aspect of their own identity, writing about a topic related to themselves, and always using the I, Me, Mine and My, words.

Narcissists are characterised by, having an unrealistic sense of superiority and self-importance, and a persistent self-focus

While these types may seem at times charming and charismatic, over time their ambitiousness, self-focus and self-importance reveals itself in `I-Talk`.

 The Me-Er

Don’t be the unabashed self-promoting and bombastic machine, Im perplexed by the deluge of selfies and pompous captions, the sign-ons, sign ups, how to become a millionaire and success opportunities. Forever building the punchy pitches that convert to cash.

As with all new skills to be learnt I have focused on learning from others; people of supposed success in this space – The questions I pose is; can it be they aren’t all that their posts suggest?`

Or could it be in becoming `friends`, I signed myself up for their database, their mailing list – it seems my FB account and inbox is a mailbox that states in neon lights `hawkers and canvassers welcome`.

News on the Social Media Block

As the receiver, instead of being starry eyed, take a little more notice, look closer. Do they do what they advise us to do, are they responsibly following their own advice – research tells us this is highly doubtful.

No-one has it all worked out, we all struggle somewhere in our lives, some where we need improvement, we just hide it well, to make the sale. We all have our messes, and yet that makes it OK, we’re all going to be OK.

 The Conditioned Social Media-Er

Writing on Social media comes in many forms and for countless purposes as there are people using it. As mentioned among other things, it can be utilised for `self` sharing, advertising, narcissist gloating or even subtle bragging.

What you shouldn’t post

  • pictures of your children
  • when your away from home
  • your home address
  • videos or pictures of people you haven’t obtained permission from
  • tirades or fights about work/your boss/partner/ex-partner
  • unsubstantiated accusations
  • party pics

Also, don’t Tag all, it’s annoying, and time consuming for others to un-tag themselves, also please don’t post to someone’s timeline, they`ll share it, if they want to.

With self-confidence and poise, I have spent a career consciously not anchoring off other people’s opinion of me – yet here I sit on Facebook, sadly hoping for the `like` button to be pushed: god forbid a comment or two.

The Art of Engagement

If you seek Likes, Shares, Votes, Endorsement, Positive Comments & Validation… If you want someone to share your course, book sales or pitch, then do it first up, for them, play-it-forward.

By the way leave the words Bam and Pow for batman TV shows, they are not a legitimate engagement nor comment, these are lazy expressions.

How about you reach down, give the underdog a go to work with you and for you – stop reaching only up to the big boys – they don’t need it. Remember you may already know the next Tony Robbins, Richard Branson or Nelson Mandela, think about it, the next generation of super-stars and great entrepreneurs are walking amongst us, today

So, ask yourself, do you give freely, do you make the effort, or ratify and sanction others, more importantly do you do so without motive?

Good people do good; but when good people have an ideology or a deal, would they do otherwise and justify their actions.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Dean S Hawkins

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