I am THE `DEAN` OF FIRE TALK – I speak and present using Fire Department analogies with a passion for transforming businesses and individuals Professionally & Personally; through colourful analogies and personal engagement, I connect. I have been presenting for over 25 years in and out of uniform – well before becoming a Key Note Speaker I was presenting to Fire Crews and Fire Officers nationally, to enable them to become the best they can be, to get them to WANT to be their best.

After many years in the Fire department and going to incidents and accidents on shift, then in the training centre, I have since been developing and empowering thousands of people in business, I am the expert on speaking in the fire and rescue industry; also in the `Fire` metaphors space, for business, team work, personal development and Leadership. Join me on a passionate, colourful and witty ride as I adapt your business into a Fire Key Note.

Are you achieving what you set out to? Do you have a good reason to get out of bed every day? Are you meeting your own expectations?

I have a wonderfully exciting passion for keynote presenting and public speaking. The spoken word can led to powerful revolutions, words and ideas combined with passion can change the world. It holds its own power, and I use it to inspire, energise and entertain people. From small groups to large audiences. My area of expertise is how to prosper enact and kick start your life purpose and how to turn pro on your goals in life. You will be rejuvenated, empower and recharged.

Fight Fire with Fire is for those who want to make real changes in their life, not just talk about it. It’s for those with self-doubt, who are scared to put themselves out there. This book provides the spark and the mechanisms to help you go from self-doubt to self-confidence, from procrastination to action, using the tried-and-proven planning and systems that make our Fire Departments so successful at what they do. After all – they can’t take a day off, ever.

You can use these strategies to help you:
  • lose weight
  • gain self-confidence
  • find a new job or get better at your current job
  • start or complete study
  • beat an addiction
  • become a fitter and healthier you
  • overcome any behaviours or obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your goals.

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity. If you have a plan, ambition and commitment you can achieve great things, regardless of where you started out. It’s up to you to carve out your place, to know when to change course, and to know how to stay productive and committed. To do those things well you need to cultivate a deep understanding of yourself and set a game plan in place – not only for what your strengths and weaknesses are but also how to operate day to day, how you prepare, what your values are, and where you can make the ultimate changes.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Dean Offers Talks Taylored to Your Need
Six Types of Keynote Speaking Gigs

How to Create a Purposeful and Goal Oriented Life

A 45 to 60 minute inspirational and thought provoking keynote on purpose and goals (the understanding) and their significance to success (the result): How to live, and act like a professional to build a values-based, goals oriented high-performing life style or workforce.

This keynote is especially useful for organisations where the Customer Experience is critical to success.

How to Transform from Ordinary Extraordinary?

A 45 to 60 minute rousing and thought- provoking keynote on how to choose extraordinary over ordinary: its time to take out the trash, a time for a new you: no more excuses, no more justifying your poor choices, its time.

This keynote is particularly useful for individuals and organisations going through or that want significant change.

Its Time, Win Back Your Space

A 45 to 60 minute thought provoking and confronting keynote on the implications, facts and consequences to poor life choices (the upshot): focusing on the cowards punch, domestic violence and the outcomes of poor social behaviours and choices.

This keynote encourages behaviours and teachings and promotes ownership over the issue through maintaining a relationship with sound, rigorous mentors and values?

  • Are we choosing the wrong Role Models?
  • Are we abdicating our responsibilities to be a Role Model?
  • Are we an appropriate Role Model ourselves?

This theme is especially useful for men, women, youth, and organisations.

Vagueness Leads To Failure

A 45 to 60 minute keynote on ensuring focus and direction to the task at hand, providing insightful processes on focusing on your skills and behaviours, and decision making…. Using the fire departments systems in your life, workplace and purpose.
This keynote encourages being planning, followed by action and performance is the key to being professional and organised.

This theme is especially useful for the individual, teams, businesses and organisations.

The Business Lessons I learnt While being yelled at on my Recruit Course

A 25 minute amusing yet, deliberate and thought provoking Fire analogy  – tips to making your change

How 7 Fire Department Recruit Course Lessons can change your Professional & Personal Life…

1.If nothing changes in your world, then nothing is going to change.

2.Tell your unique business story, with you as the star, it is important to others

The 7 Essential Leadership Skills – To Prospering As a Leader & Business…

The 7 Essential Leadership Skills – To Prospering As a Leader & Business…

As a retired veteran Fire Officer my keynotes will provide you, your team and your leaders with the know-how to drive your organisation’s performance to the next level.

Delivered by a highly decorated and awarded firefighter, your team will be given a glimpse into the high performance and dangerous world of firefighting and leadership in the chaos; along with the way in which your people and organisation can operate at this elite level too, through the Fire Departments Way of Leadership.

High Energy, Entertaining & Worthwhile

When I was running troops I was a very professional, specialized expert; I also taught flawless execution and skill sets to other fire officers in the fire departments training centre… and now keenly sharing those processes and experiences with organisations like yours. My delivery is potent and motivating and full of colourful yet real fire anecdotes that will undoubtedly resonate with and inspire your team…

Robust Value

Let’s be honest, I’m not just another one of everyday speakers – I come from a tough unyielding world where mistakes have dire repercussions. Leadership on a Fire Ground or at a serious incident is making sense and order out of chaos, the Fire Departments world is fraught with rapidly changing and complex environments each and every time they strap on a helmet or pull on their boots. How do they overcome the fear and hesitation going into these daunting and harsh environments?

I will share with you a process 150 years in the making – The Four Phases of Emergency Management; I now refer to it as my “Impeccable Implementation”.

It’s a 4 step process based on the systems, process and methods Fire Officers have used for more than 150 years in preventing the problem, preparation, the doing and recovery or reviewing. Let `The Fire Guy` explain how this simple, yet effective process can also be used in business, leadership and the workplace to achieve timely effective and efficient outcomes at every level of any organisation or business.


  • Many corporate motivators deliver theories of management. However well researched, they are sometimes lacking in practical application. Dean Hawkins speaks eloquently from the heart and from the fire-front of experience, offering useful insights that can be applied equally to professional teams and personal life. His earthy and passionate approach really strikes a chord.

    Tom Bloomfield
    Tom Bloomfield Tom Bloomfield - General Manager, The Sebel Brisbane
  • Dean Hawkins is a successful author and activist for `living with purpose`, he campaigns this for both your personal life and in the business world, and his message is simple, it comes down to one thing: personal responsibility and planning for success through a deep driven `want` for change. Drawing on his experiences as a leader in the public and private sectors along with 26 years with the Fire Department, Dean explains that embracing your own personal responsibilities – and holding yourself accountable for your choices is the key – then maintaining these values through sound planning creates change. I would recommend his work for individuals, organisations and leaders who want to operate with and create a vision, then to inspire and empower those around them to execute that vision.

    Mick Richards
    Mick Richards National Manager FRSA Technology & Asset Management
  • Anodyne Services Australia has utilised Dean Hawkins to provide discussions about the field of fire and how it applies to the commercial world, along with our personal lives.  I can attest that he certainly lives up the learnings he provides in his published works and speaking engagements.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dean for a speaking, consulting or service engagement at all commercial levels, it is a quality experience, he is energetic, entertaining and full of life, yet most importantly his wonderful and unique approach is thought provoking and contagious.

    Gavin Torrens
    Gavin Torrens Chief Executive Officer Anodyne Services Australia