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Dean Hawkins is a Risk & Emergency services consultant, specialist, along with author, motivational speaker, and former Fire Department veteran Senior Fire Commander – also a highly decorated and experienced Senior Instructor in the Fire Department National Training centre of excellence.

Speaker/Author Dean “The Fire Guy” has two passions. One is putting out flames. The other is helping people extinguish excuses, reasons and causes, by enabling people’s purpose, satisfaction and enjoyment in their careers and personal lives.

Fast-track your teams performance and organisations results with his key Note Speaking and Workshops

Expect to go away bursting with confidence and strategies to help you can achieve your full potential.

EMPOWERING CHANGE – Fostering Innovation To Achieve Your Full Potential…


I can engage your people through evocative and charming audience involvement.

If you want to theme your event, then let’s talk  and start THE SPARK, THE FIRE, I can help (metaphorically speaking of course)

I am a stakeholder in your event, I have skin in the game – therefore stay available pre, during and post event, to speak, engage and stay involved in your event.

I welcome an email or a call from you, please don’t call 000 or 911; though do call the number below. Please ring so we can work together to deliver an experience that your whole team will remember for years to come!

Clients who book me as a leadership keynote speaker, benefit from a memorable, educational and motivational experience. I am the master of tailoring every leadership keynote to the client and situation, no two fires a alike.

This workshop consists of

How To Transform From Ordinary To Extraordinary

A 45 to 60 minute rousing and thought- provoking keynote on how to choose extraordinary over ordinary: its time to take out the trash, a time for a new you: no more excuses, no more justifying your poor choices, its time.

This keynote is particularly useful for individuals and organisations going through or that want significant change

As well as


When it comes to the customisation of my engagement, passion and yet all the while provide colourful yet valuable takeaways, as The Fire Guy I have no comparable equal. I will first learn your company’s objectives, audience composition, and investment level, then will contextualise a KN to your need and for your consideration.

When you’re ready to think change, think big, or think of someone not preaching the same-old-same-old business spiel then, ask me about how you can go beyond the keynote to lock in the learning with our custom tailored speaking or workshops.

I will accept responsibility and full blame for inspiring your people to want to do more, to achieve more, and to expect more of themselves and of those around them. I accept blame and accountability for them to WANT to be healthy and more productive at home and in the office, or to excel. I inspire people to fight their fires, to know it takes great crew to run more hose, and to create that special magic that allows each of us to become better and stronger than we ever would have been alone

So whether your workspace is trade, merchandising, finance or emergency services, or the people your bringing together are blue collar, or white collar, uniform or civilian, subordinate, leaders, management or executive level; my target is to instil passion and performance into and with your people, your teams and your business.



The 7 Essential Leadership Skills – To Prospering As a Leader & Business…

As a retired veteran Fire Officer my keynotes will provide you, your team and your leaders with the know-how to drive your organisation’s performance to the next level.

Delivered by a highly decorated and awarded firefighter, your team will be given a glimpse into the high performance and dangerous world of firefighting and leadership in the chaos; along with the way in which your people and organisation can operate at this elite level too, through the Fire Departments Way of Leadership.

High Energy, Entertaining & Worthwhile

When I was running troops I was a very professional, specialized expert; I also taught flawless execution and skill sets to other fire officers in the fire departments training centre… and now keenly sharing those processes and experiences with organisations like yours. My delivery is potent and motivating and full of colourful yet real fire anecdotes that will undoubtedly resonate with and inspire your team…

Robust Value

Let’s be honest, I’m not just another one of everyday speakers – I come from a tough unyielding world where mistakes have dire repercussions. Leadership on a Fire Ground or at a serious incident is making sense and order out of chaos, the Fire Departments world is fraught with rapidly changing and complex environments each and every time they strap on a helmet or pull on their boots. How do they overcome the fear and hesitation going into these daunting and harsh environments?

I will share with you a process 150 years in the making – The Four Phases of Emergency Management; he now refers to it as “Impeccable Implementation”. It’s a 4 step process based on the systems, process and methods Fire Officers have used for more than 150 years in preventing the problem, preparation, the doing and recovery or reviewing. Let `The Fire Guy` explain how this simple, yet effective process can also be used in business, leadership and the workplace to achieve timely effective and efficient outcomes at every level of any organisation or business.


It is irrefutable that firefighters operate in some of the most dangerous, hostile and difficult environments. In order to do our job, to go home safely, to succeed, we must prepare and execute with soundly and thoroughly… every single job that red rig travels to, every incident or accident, requires the best we have to offer.

Just like a fire crew your people are also part of a team, a crew that relies on each other for perfect execution – your people also wish to deal with the job in a timely manner and with perfection… In order to achieve purpose it is in the underpinning knowledge and underpinning skills – it’s all in the preparation prior to the need.

This is where we can focus for your KN.