Who should read the book `Fight Fire with Fire`?  Who are the `Fight Fire with Fire` talks for?

EVERYONE & ANYONE- Everyone and anyone who wants to find their path and stay on track: its time to tap your full purpose and achieving your goals.

  • BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS – Those people out there that striving to build a successful business.
  • DOERS & IT ENDS NOW – change your personal health, meet your goals, beat your addictions or fix your relationships.
  • STUDENTS– studying? This includes new people to study, graduates and young professionals who desire structure and to have clarity about their priorities.
  • EXECUTIVES AND MANAGERS – The unique workplace leaders who want to thrive at work and boost their teams.
  • PARENTS – Mums & Dads who have got lost in the daily grind but long to create an intentional plan for theirs and their family’s future…. Become an example.
  • RETIREES – No regrets, fix the things you want to fix, make the most of each day, and leave a lasting legacy. What do you want to be remembered for?


There comes a time in the lives of all human beings to decide on their destiny for prominence and greatness, their personal crusade: a time when we must take a look at ourselves and decide no more. As humans we have been endowed with choice and belief: we can always decide through self-evident personal power and a wanting need for freedom and identity through actions, or not to decide, due to fear, trepidation of judgment, ridicule and consensus of others.

The warrior mindset is, essentially at its core, having mental strength and strength of character. Fundamentally I’m describing the vigor and audacity that is crucial to realize and take what could be yours: your complete and absolute full potential. The warrior’s mindset is having the mettle, the grit and full comprehension to certify you truly grasp the reality that you and only you are 100% responsibility for your life – think about that fact, you are 100% in control.